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i am ©Hombre Manuel™ Author of “The Mortgage debt Freedom Technology. Debt: Weapon of Mass Enslavement” published on the 24th of December 2015 by TamaRe House Publishers Ltd.

It was not easy to find a publisher that could meet my needs.  After many months of shopping around, i picked up on of my favourite book to see who could be its publisher.  The book is called “Freedom is more than Just a seven-letter word” written by Veronica of the chapman family. i realised it publisher is TamaRe House Publishers Ltd based in London. i went on line and send an e-mail to Paul Simons who was very keen to assist me step by step. As this was my first publication, i did not even know where to start. That’s why i had to travel to London in order to hear everything from the horse’s mouth.

What impressed me is the fact that TamaRe House works collaboratively with me, providing very helpful advice while remaining very professional. Paul Simons told me that my book will be published in seven weeks and i was sceptical because i did not know they could meet this dateline, due to the amount of works to be done. To my surprise, not only the book was published in six weeks, but also the quality of the publication is amazing. This is a fact that speaks for itself. Definitely i would not think twice before referring friends to TamaRe House Publishers Ltd. i am already thinking of my next book, and definitely it will be published by TamaRe House Publishers Ltd. Do you know why? Because you do not change the winning team.

i,©Hombre Manuel™ hereby verify and confirm this statement is true to my believe.


©Hombre Manuel™

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