Our Packages

  • Platinum Legacy Packageadvanced publishing, which includes your book's PR, marketing, promotional tools and services
  • PriceGBP 1,699

The Platinum Legacy Package maintains all the Bronze, Silver and Gold Legacy elements and includes Marketing and Promotional Tools for your book.


Additional Features

  • Optional Hardback availability (includes 2 free promotional copies)

  • One-to-one Marketing Consultancy (with Marketing Proposal report)

  • Basic Public Relations Campaign

  • Personalised Review Galleys (up to 6 reviewers)

  • Personalised Press Release document (up to 500 media contacts)

  • Opt-in email marketing campaign (up to 5000 target contacts)

  • Design and supply 2500 A6 flyers or 5000 Bookmarks

  • Design and supply 25 A3 posters (2x laminated).



TamaRe House’s Platinum Legacy Package is designed for the Author who is taking care of their books’ marketing, promotional and publicity operations and requires some assistance from our Marketing and PR agents.

You will have a one-to-one marketing consultancy with designated Marketing and PR personnel and a Marketing Proposal report will be produced thereafter.

In addition, we will announce your book launch via a personalised Press Release document to up to 500 industry and media contacts, as well as sending e-letters to up to 5,000 target Opt-In email recipients.

Larger Opt-In lists are available upon request. Just ask for quotes.

We can also produce a review galley for your book and send via mail to up to 6 reviewers, in the UK only. These may include book distributors as well as specifically targeted media personnel.

Marketing tools include the design and printing of either 2500 A6 flyers or 5000 bookmarks and, 25 A3 posters (2x laminated). These designs are branded in line with the book’s look and features. Business cards are also available as an add-on feature.

Hardback editions are also optionally available with the Platinum Legacy Package at no additional cost. The retail price will consequently be higher due to higher printing costs. However, we recommend that Hardback editions are marketed and published at a slightly later date than the Paperback edition. Your Publishing Agent will explain options in detail.

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