THP's Publishing Packages & add-on services

THP’s Legacy Publishing Packages

Bronze Legacy Package

Fee: £149… Basic Self Publishing Service For Your Pre-Edited And Designed Book, Ready For Print-On-Demand Setup …more

Silver Legacy Package

Fee: £499… Standard Self-Publishing Service For Your Pre-Edited And Designed Book, Ready For Print-On-Demand Setup …more

Gold Legacy Package

Fee: £999… Standard And Yet Comprehensive Self-Publishing Service And Processes To Turn Your Manuscript Into A Fully Published Book …more

Platinum Legacy Package

Fee: £1699… Advanced Publishing, Which Includes Your Book’s PR, Marketing, Promotional Tools And Services …more

P-Plus Package

Fee: £2499… Platinum-Plus Package, Which Includes Additional PR, Marketing And Promotional Tools And Services …more

Pre Publishing Add-on Services

Editorial Service, Type 1

(Proof-reading only – £6.00 per 1000 words)

Where you are confident in your own editing ability, and wish for minimum intervention in your manuscript, we offer a proof-reading only service. We check to maintain the strength of your work, correct any spelling, any formatting and situational or any punctuation error that you may have overlooked.

Editorial Service, Type 2

(Copy-editing and Proof-reading – £8.00 per 1000 words)

We will check the copy of your manuscript for spelling, punctuation, typographical, formatting and situational errors, as well as checking the sense, grammar, phrasing, continuity and arrangement, and correct as necessary.

Editorial Service, Type 3

(Line-by-line / Substantive Editing – from £10.00 per 1000 words)

We will check everything in the manuscript, including arrangement and rephrasing as necessary. However, for non-fiction works, the author should present us with correct information. We may refuse a job requiring major research and substantial corrections, or substantial rewriting. Alternatively, we may charge a substantial fee.

Illustration Service

from £50 per item

Our experienced freelance and in-house graphic designers and artists will bring your work to life with full-colour or black and white illustrations. Our team will work with you on a one-to-one basis to ensure that you get the highest possible quality output. Designs may be painted, hand-drawn or generated by computer software.

Transcription Service

from £10 per 1000 words

If you wish for our in-house editors to transcribe your (hand-written or previously published) manuscript, just ask for a quote. 

Standard Typesetting Service 

£175 (Included in our Gold and Platinum Legacy packages)

Our technicians will layout the interior look of your book in a most professional manner, and in line with the book’s genre and intended audience. Your ideas and concepts are also taken into consideration. We will maintain consistency of font types, chapter openings and section formats. The formatting will involve custom page design, including positioning of images, tables, borders as well as image and text orientations.

Advanced Typesetting Service

from £250

If your manuscript involves more than six images, or is a full-colour children’s book, then we strongly recommend our Advanced Typesetting Service. As well as employing the elements of the Standard service, our team will enhance and format your book’s images in order to ensure a high quality and professional look to its interior.

Indexing Service

from £100

If it is appropriate to your book, after the editorial and typesetting stages are complete, we can then create the manuscript’s index page. An index enables your readers to find information quickly and easily in your book. We will read through your manuscript and tag appropriate key words when setting up the index. You will also have the opportunity to suggest words for indexing.

Standard Cover design 

£150 (Included in our Gold and Platinum Legacy packages)

It is essential that your cover design meet exact specifications when submitting to our POD system. Please download our free file creation guide for setup instructions from our website at: With our Gold, Platinum Legacy and P-Plus packages, we will design a full colour layout for your book with images, photographs, sketches or illustrations you may provide, so long as they meet the required specifications.

Advanced Cover design

from £200

The presentation and design of your publication is extremely important. It is the cover that provides the initial visual impact that attracts potential buyers. We will discuss your ideas with you and then turn your ideas into a professional industry standard marketable cover design brief. As well as employing the elements of the Standard Cover design service; our team will work with you on a one-to-one basis to ensure that you get the highest possible quality output.

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