Our Packages

  • P-Plus Legacy PackagePlatinum-Plus Package, which includes additional PR, marketing and promotional tools and services
  • PriceGBP 2,499

Our P Plus Legacy Package offers a standard print-on-demand service only, designed for the author who takes care of all standard publishing requirements as well as sales and distribution operations.

Additional Features

  • Facebook BookPulse program

  • Personalised Website design (up to 5 pages)

  • Tailored Advertising Campaign (up tp 60,000 target contacts)

  • Book Launch and Media Campaign

  • 50x Trade Release document mailout.



THP’s marketing partner BookPulse gives our Authors a Facebook tool which enables them to expand their online presence and marketing activities from one single location. The platform enables authors to gain presence  and access to readers of the related subject-matter from all over the world.

THP will create a personalised website with up to five pages for the Author and Book. This may include: home page, about the author, contact, shopping cart and one other. However, there will be an annual management fee for the upkeep of the domain name and web hosting space, after the first twelve months. Typically, a domain name via 1&1.co.uk is £9.99 per year and the web hosting space is currently £65 per year.

The P-Plus Package also employs other online marketing partners that provide tailored email-marketing platforms. We will select specific opt-in contacts that have an interest in your specific subject-matter, and send them a personalised promotional eflyer. Our technicians and sales agents will also be able to monitor the performance of the campaign and provide feedback directly to the author regarding success rates of opens and click-throughs.

You will also be allocated a personal PR Agent who will assist you with your book launch and book signing campaigns. Your PR Agent will assist you with promoting your book throughout the media, for example, by arranging interviews, talks or conferences either via television or radio. This campaign will be tailored to your specific requirements.

In addition to the Press Release document by way of the Platinum Legacy package, with the P-Plus package, we will produce 50x Trade Release documents which will be mailed out to specific book outlets within the UK, only. We will work with you to decide the 50 most appropriate outlets, in relation to your particular subject-matter and target audiences. This is a very powerful tool as book buyers in larger stores will be informed about your book directly, and not just via email or other EDI systems (Electronic Data Interchange).

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