Public Relations Campaign

PR is about gaining publicity for the Author and the Book (rather than using advertising).


There are various tools that can be used in the practice of PR. Traditional tools include press releases and media kits which are sent out to generate positive press (publicity) on behalf of the Author. Other widely-used tools include brochures, newsletters and annual reports.

Increasingly, Publishers and Authors are utilizing interactive social media, such as blogs, Twitter and Facebook, as tools in their PR campaigns. Unlike the traditional tools which allowed for only one-way communication, social media allows the Publisher and the Author to engage in two-way communication, and therefore receive immediate feedback from prospective book buyers. Our Publicity packs are designed to work with, and complement our Marketing Tools kits. Everybody wants their new Book to be promoted throughout the media; to be broadcasted through magazines, newspapers, TV and Radio. And this is exactly what our Publicity packs do.

This works by way of a professionally written Press Release document about your Book. Press releases are current and informative articles sent by post and/or email to media personnel that reveal a newsworthy story. Members of the media rely upon the press releases that cross their desks every day to fill out every column inch and every broadcast second.


We can send your Press Release to local media contacts via post or email. For international media contacts, we will send your Press Release via email only. This is all done in line with your Book’s release, to your specified selection of media recipients. Also, we will target a general Opt-In email audience of about 5,000 contacts, by emailing an e-flyer thus advertising your book’s availability and launch. We can also reach up to 500,000 similar contacts by way of partnering affiliated networks. Just ask for a quote.

A well-written and well-timed Press Release will motivate members of the press to cover your story, affording you the opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of potential readers. And when this audience takes an interest in your writing, they will act on their desire to learn more and purchase your Book.

Our Publicity Campaigns also assist you in getting personal media coverage, including local Radio and TV interviews. Radio advertising, in particular, has been proven to be a very effective medium for advertising. And to accompany this approach, television appearance by you the Author, gives your potential customers a visual feel of who you are.


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