Media Services

Media Services

Thinking of creating a High Visual Campaign for your Book?

Our service can help you achieve just that with one of our leading advertising platforms. We charge a minimum of £250.00. This will give you front page presence on an additional page per month on our leading advertising website including strategic marketing and weekly promotional blogs via our e-marketing database. Additionally, if you would like to be included in our WEB VISUALS Programme Listings to promote an author blog, which we will help you to create with one of our press and media professionals, we will offer you a one off fee of £850.00. This will also include our 2 months HARD-LINE marketing promotional service.

For more information please contact our team to arrange a consultancy at .

Green Screen studio

Price £180.00

We can film a promo of you in a professional industry standard Green Screen studio. If you would like to market and promote your book or Ebook, the Green Screen studio is exactly what you need. It will involve the author or artist standing, sitting or moving in front of what will later be replaced with another background in post production. Commonly used for digital cameras due to their differing color sensitivities, it is now possible in this digital age to superimpose the subject onto any background they desire. The filming session will last approximately two hours; and the post production, which will be edited by professionals on final cut pro, will all be achieved within seven working days. As a promotional tool, the author or artist will be able to promote and market their books on the Web, bringing their work to a much bigger, larger and wider audience.

Audio Book

Price £25.00 an hour

Would you like to have an audio version of your paperback book? Well here is your chance. At TamaRe House we have the unique service for authors or artists to record snippets of their book in a professional recording studio. As a multimedia marketing tool, this is excellent for those authors who want to reach a wider variety of book lovers. For example, an audio book will provide an opportunity for people whose visual skills are not as good as their kinesthetic or audio skills.

Video Blogs

Price £150.00

Video blogging, sometimes shortened to “vlogging” or “vidding” is a very cost effective and unique way for you the author to advertise your book to the global village. How is it done? Simple; we will provide a professional camera man to film a five minute advert or interview about you and your book.

Video Book

Price is negotiable

The video book is a much longer and more arduos process than video blogs. This service is designed especially for the author who wishes to take advantage of the huge possibilities of multimedia products and branding. The video book will have text showing on the user screen along with pictures and video clips. The text displayed may get animated along with related audio commentary in the background. The product may also contain footage shot from camera or collected from any other source. It may also include recordings and filming at our Green Screen room.


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