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We are a company that offers self-publishing services to authors who would like to publish their books but the lack the time and knowhow.

What makes us different from traditional publishers and other self-publishing companies is that:

  • we employ a one-to-one approach with clients, where we offer ongoing consultations

  • we offer print-only services as well as full publishing packages

  • our publishing packages are priced at a fraction of what the industry usually charges

  • our Authors continue to maintain 100% rights to their material

  • higher royalties are earned, and are paid quarterly

Your complete book, after being copy-edited and proof-read can be ready for printing and distribution in as early as six weeks from the point of receiving workable files.  

We will automatically assign an ISBN number and EAN barcode to your book if you do not have your own. We also offer Ingram Advance cataloguing, Nielsen book data registration as well as submission of copies of your book to the British Library Legal Deposit office.

Our books are available to you the author, to bookshop retailers, wholesale distributors and online sellers via Print-On-Demand (POD) technology, which means books are freshly prepared as and when needed.


TamaRe House Publishers (THP) offers POD services for self-publishing authors, starting from as little as £149, and an annual POD catalogue fee of £15. This is our Bronze Legacy package. We also provide complete publishing and order fulfillment services: THP’s Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Legacy packages. With these services we look after all legal and administrative tasks.

Your investment in a complete publishing service with us comes with high royalty returns. With our Gold, Platinum Legacy and P-Plus packages you receive 50 free promotional Paperback copies of your book for passing out to reviewers, interviewers, friends and family etc., however, you the Author are responsible for paying the shipping fees as these rates vary according to your distance from our printer. We also offer very competitive printing rates on books you purchase to sell yourself; and you keep all profits. 


You will receive a royalty of 60% of the gross margin on all our orders, and will be paid quarterly. (This is calculated from the amount left available after subtracting the printing costs from the point-of-sale price).

When we receive and process orders from libraries, bookshops and wholesale distributors, they receive (point-of-sale) standard book trade discounts of 15%, 35% and 50% respectively.

Books are usually priced by an average of 3 times the printing cost. You are in total control of this, as well as being in control of all rights to your manuscripts.

How does it all work?

After you have had your work copy-edited and proof-read simply send the manuscript to TamaRe House by CD, or any other electronic storage devices, as well as by email in a zip-file. You will also send us all fonts used and 300-dpi resolution of all images and photographs to be used within the publication. We also provide pre publishing services to facilitate the copy-editing and proof-reading stages in-house. Our in-house technicians will produce a full-colour cover design for your book in accordance with your specifications – with your ideas as well as images, sketches, illustrations, photographs, and notes you may provide.  

From the moment we receive workable manuscripts, it can be as early as six weeks for your book to be ready for distribution. You will be required to pay a deposit of 50% of the entire publishing processes fees, in advance of our commencing. The balance will be payable once all proofs have been approved by yourself. Your 50x promotional Paperback copies will follow shortly thereafter. The price you pay covers ongoing support and consultation throughout the entire publishing process. It also covers all the vital elements and procedures that THP carries out on your behalf, as listed and explained in the details of our five Legacy publishing packages.


If you are reprinting an already published book with no manuscript, we can scan the pages digitally and produce a file ready for print. If you wish for our in-house editors to transcribe your (hand-written or previously published) manuscript, just ask for a quote. Generally it starts from £10 per thousand words.

For more info contact Paul Simons on 07988 311714.

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