We the New Me


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Introduction Excerpt…

The good life awaits you. Are you ready? Do you even know what you want? Making goals is not a difficult task for most people, but achieving those goals, or dreams, can sometimes seem to be “the impossible dream.” Throughout this book, We the New Me I am proposing a way to understand how your mind works in order to help you figure out which positions on a “team” suit you best. Once we find a niche, then we can press forward toward our dreams as a solid team member. I do this with a process called Psychometric Analysis. But developing the strong team player is not the only aim for this book. I would also like to help improve your thinking, and find a way to encourage the artist in you. Everyone has some sort of artistic abilities; the key is to find out what they are, be they in fine arts or “the art of the deal,” to borrow a phrase from Donald Trump. Finding your spot on the team, figuring out your artistic path, and then learning to think like a successful businessperson will lead you to being able to fulfill lifelong desires of achieving wealth and fame, if you so desire, and happiness, most of all.

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