The Yoruba


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Book Synopsis:

Now for the first time is a ‘Full Colour’ book which Uncovers, the ancient History and Origins of the Yoruba tribe of South-Western Nigeria. ‘The Yoruba’ traces the origins behind the ancient Mythologies and Traditions of one of the most Powerful, Mysteriously Enigmatic tribes on the African continent. Our story begins with the personage of Nimrud, known to the Yoruba’s as ‘King Namurudu’, described as the world’s first, truly ‘Global’ Leader, and ruler of the ‘Hametic’ (Black African) Nubian ‘Kushite’ (Mesopotamian) Akkadian Empire which stretched from the borders of India to Spain. Referred to in the ancient Hebrew book of ‘Jasher’ as the ‘House of Nimrod’, the Yoruba’s Constituted the Elite Ruling; Aristocratic, Priest & Warrior class of ancient Babylon. Following the fall of Nimrod’s Empire, the Yoruba’s eventually become Rulers of ancient Mecca, before the arrival of the Prophet Muhammad & Islam which expelled them prior to their eventual migration back to Africa under the leadership of the Great Oduduwa in the 7th century. Featuring brand new Foreword (Interview) by UK Afrobeat / Hip Hop artist Afrikan Boy, The Yoruba is a must for all true seekers of African heritage.

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