The Way an Apple Falls


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The Way an Apple Falls portrays the social dynamic of Langston Hughe’s “A Dream Deferred,” and reflects the existential questions examined by Claude McKay’s “If We Must Die.” The novel explores the social fabric of British urban culture, in which the characters are presented as in stasis, inhabiting a world that is continually changing, where they are able to change the circumstances that threaten to overwhelm them.

When Sadie and Ralph met they both wanted change but were too afraid to initiate it alone, together they became the catalysts of that change; then went their separate ways to find individual freedom.

When Pervase met Anita their relationship was casual, this casual relationship would blossom into love, and initiate the much needed change that they imagined, in seeking the solace which they both yearned.

A cluster of relationships that merge, rearrange flow, separate and merge into time – depict the rites of passage as the bread of daily life, the ritual of the flour of threshed wheat made portent by struggle – and presaged into the sacraments of unleavened bread.

Merenptah Asante-Douglas has worked as a lecturer and teacher in English; he was brought up in Birmingham and lives in Stratford, in London, and has three children: one daughter and two sons, he also has a seven year old granddaughter. This is his first published novel, after changing genre from poetry to fiction.

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