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    As the banking cartel has decided to enslave the whole planet earth, the objective of i is not about knowing how you swallowed a piece of meat with a string attached to it. Instead, it is about how you can cut that string to set yourself free; free to enjoy and digest the piece of meat which, in fact, was yours in the first place and you did not know; free to be back on track and carry on with your missions on this lovely planet earth; free to rebuild your life; free to understand how the debt mechanism works; free to comprehend that in this Global bankruptcy DEBT is just an ILLUSION and DECEPTION. Based on the way i understood how the public and private sides of the banking system work and how the mortgage debts operate; i wanted to design this flexible-heavy-duty-technology in order to help anyone in need of financial freedom by way of getting off their shoulders the burden of any mortgage debts or any other important debts they may have. i understand how painful it is, to wake up one morning and find out that what you have been working all your life paying to your creditors was just a gift, a mere donation that in fact you were not obliged to. i also know how devastating it is to witness the repossession and the auction off of your own home before your eyes by a bunch of thieves, so-called creditors. Yesterday you had no option but to sit and watch them carry out their deceitful job, their legal fraud against you. You can crack a code only if you know the key, and this book is the key you need. Now it is your turn to use it to crack their debts codes and take back your stolen life, your stolen properties and your stolen future. Step by step instructions and templates are herein provided not only to help you discharge completely your FAKE DEBTS but also to make the bank owe you seven times (according to the Bible) the same amount they are claiming that you owe them. Are you ready to start this challenge? Are you going to use this key to your advantage? Or are you just going to give up and continue with your monthly donation to those who have enslaved you to death? Now, the choice is yours.
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