The Imitators


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About the Book:

The simplicity of the gospel of Christ is that the just came to die for the unjust, the sinless for the sinful and the worthy for the unworthy. The devil was thus defeated and robbed of the right to drag people to hell without their permission, because the ultimate penalty had been paid. The present day difficulty is that the truth of the gospel is not reaching those that it should been reaching. The people are being presented with the beauty of fellowship and not the opportunity to be saved. It is not right to make people think that they can have fellowship with one another without introduction to the one who died for the church to be born. Our fellowship is to be based on the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and His work. The danger today is that the local church is filled with those who glorified fellowship above the gospel of truth bringing them to the salvation of their souls. Without the experiential knowledge of Christ as Lord and Master, there is no fellowship. The scripture says “That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son Jesus Christ” (1 John 1:3). The priority of the Church should be to give everyman the opportunity to take the appropriate steps to salvation based on informed knowledge. The traditional pulpits along the streets, by way of Personal Evangelism, have disappeared except in the third world where they still appear occasionally. Despite the limitations imposed by our civilisation and the legal protection of individual rights, the truth must be told, through available media, so that people will know that God had taken care of the sin debt, which is death. The world must know that judgment and death cannot be wished away by our regular church attendance, by living a moral life, and by our special philanthropically concocted adventures. The only power over judgment and death is that which the son of God had done on the cross of Calvary. He paid the penalty of death so that by the acceptance of that which has been done we will be reconciled to God. Since the time of the death on the cross the shout of victory has been sounding louder and louder that the battle against sin, death and Satan has been won by the Lord Jesus Christ who died for the world. “The imitators” is a book that sets about bringing the message of reconciliation to people with emphasis on the call to salvation and discipleship according to the Great Commission. When the Lord gave the Great Commission to the disciples, it was with specific instruction to make converts and also, to disciple the converts… (CONTINUED) Dr. Festus F. Josiah God’s Servant.

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