The Distinctions of Nuwaubu – 144000 Human Principles



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This book is about making distinctions. The most important distinction to
be made is the difference between living life according to our belief
systems (that which we believe to be truth,) and, living life based upon
basic Human Principles. The author intends to illustrate how the systems of
doctrine and dogma have created division among the world’s peoples at
monstrous epidemic scales.

By inhibiting our belief systems, we are left with the very functions that
govern our human machinery. The book therefore presents 36 of these
functions as Principles of Life and living; and, by way of their
application, the reader will enter a world of Unlimited Possibilities –
thus living life full of Love, Peace and Joy, moment-to-moment.


Excerpt from the Introduction

‘Doctrine’ and ‘Dogma’ has painfully become an element of that which
disunites and segregates those of us whom sincerely seek truth. Many people
will therefore only accept ideas or concepts that are taught by specific
groups or organisations, and, in such contexts that marries with their
personal belief systems.

It is evident then that the world we live in is shaped by a variety of
vigorously held belief systems. And individually, we all have our own
belief systems that determine our ideals, our morals, our thoughts and
indeed our standards of living. We tend to build rapport and empathy only
with those who share our personally held ideals and opinions etc., thus we
have mass segregation and division in terms of governments, religions,
cultures with thousands of variations in between.

However, the standard of life we live is fundamentally based upon the
standard or quality of decisions we make, which is based upon the quality
of information we actually have. Moreover, the information in which we
regard as truth is that which creates and shapes our belief systems. It is
my admonition that regardless of our belief systems, there as a fundamental
set of instructions that govern human behaviour, in terms of our living in
complete unity, and, in terms of reaching our fullest potentials. It would
be assumed that since we are all born as children of the Creator, we would
all come with a pocket-book manual, with simple instructions of how we
ought to live life full of joy, love, prosperity and success. We have been
made to believe that religion in general, is supposed to furnish us with
such information. But does it? Evidently not; else there would be complete
unity in humanity as a whole.

So what about Nuwaubu? And what is it?

Nuwaubu within itself is not based on any particular doctrine or dogma so
to speak. Rather, it is a Divine Principle that propounds a pivotal point
in which truth seekers, may scrutinise several doctrines or dogmas, and
from within several different contexts. In other words, Nuwaubu is a
principle that recognises proposed ideas or explanations, (the origin of
life for example,) for people to consider, at the least.

Nuwaubu is our Conscience faculty.

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