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    About this book:

    The Best Kept Secrets to Health & Vitality is written by two good friends. It is the result of our healthy lifestyle habits and routines practiced over many years. Once mastered, these practices will help you to cleanse, detox, rejuvenate, reinvigorate and renew your body, no matter what your age. Use our secrets to regain your youthful looks, boost your confidence and vitality and increase your fitness levels.

    Within the pages of this book you will:

    * Learn techniques to rid yourself of excess weight, stubborn fat and cellulite
    * Regain your youthful looks and vitality by following our recommended routines
    * Discover the cleansing, rejuvenating effects of raw food
    * Learn how to master vital cleansing and detox practices that will literally rebuild your body
    * Be inspired to make your own chemical-free personal care products
    * Discover exercises that you can do every day without strain to your joints, back or knees
    * Avoid unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions and discover how to keep your immune system strong and healthy with herbs
    * How to make and use nourishing herbal infusions therapeutically
    * Be motivated by the special feature to get you beach ready
    * Choose one of our menu plans to help get started on your journey to health and healing
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