Spot the Difference


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Book Description:

This is a study book aimed at all youth, particularly the black youth. Why is this book aimed at the black youth? It is aimed at the black youth of today although all races can learn something from it. The Author speaks… Throughout my life while growing up I have noticed that some of us as young black individuals are not achieving as much as others and there is a lack of unity among us, we all fight down each other rather than help each other to get to where we need to be, it hasn’t always been like this but in my life time I have seen our situation in the U.K and across the world get worse and it seems as though everyone speaks of the problem but the majority do not want to help towards coming up with solutions, it seems as though there are no great black community leaders anymore speaking out overtly about the real problems we face, or at least we don’t really hear of them, most are on the underground doing great works within the U.K but its not in our faces. As a people, it looks as though we have given up trying to keep our race in the race of self development improvement and achieving.

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