Reaper of Souls


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Jamaican Author Beverley East tells the gripping story of the 1957 Kendal railway crash, in Jamaica. The book tells the story of the Scotts who leave three of their children at home before boarding an ill-fated excursion train. Using the backdrop of real events from the crash, the story follows Eve, Austin and Esther as they struggle to find purpose and joy after suffering the depths of despair.

“Dangerously overcrowded, the coaches of the excursion train had rushed towards Jamaica’s central plains on the return trip to the capital. Just before midnight, in wet conditions, the train derailed near Kendal, Manchester, creating a horrific tangle of wood, glass, steel and torn bodies. At the time, it was history’s worst-ever train wreck. More than 250 lives had been lost, 14 of them members of Beverly East’s family…”

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