Mystical and Magical Paths of Self and not-self, volume 3


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Can you distinguish the difference between…
* A Human Being and a Legal Person
* A Sovereign and a Legal Entity
* Natural law and Statute Law
* A Real Man and a STRAWMAN…?

Commercial Redemption for Diasporians

This book has been written from the point of view of the Black people of the Western World who are striving toward living a life of freedom and true Sovereignty. The ideas and concepts presented are not new. They have been a part of our commercial and admiralty system going back hundreds of years. Here, Paul Simons concludes the MMSN series of books which are written to inspire, uplift, empower and spiritually strengthen anyone who is a true seeker of Right Knowledge.

The content of the book takes the reader on a journey from the 1920s to the present (2012) where people such as Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X and Naim Akbar are featured along with their messages. The book then takes a radical and compete turn toward commercial redemption; demonstrating equitable as well as commercial-administrative processes that are applicable in training one’s mind to migrate (spiritually, mentally and emotionally) from the world’s monetary and banking system, toward a state of sovereignty.

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