Lost, my battle with depression



My sister Doris Allimadi has written a brilliantly honest and brave book
about dealing with depression.

The book is honest because she lays bare her soul by openly discussing her
life and the demons she had to confront; failed relationships; pressure to
impress family and friends; turning to excess eating and alcohol
consumption; and, repeating the cycle of failed relationships. The author
is brave because few of us are willing to discuss the unpleasant aspects of
our past — or present — in such an open manner.

But Doris insists that this is the only way to take control of one’s life;
by first admitting that there’s a problem then deciding to deal with it and
marshalling the discipline to endure the long and good fight. The fight to
rescue oneself; and it all starts with the simple words — you must love
yourself to be worthy of anyone’s love.

The book describes the many stages of how she took control of her life. The
most important decision for the reader to make is to stop trying to impress
others and to love the person who matters the most — one’s self.

The book is a must read for all; many people aren’t even aware they are
depressed. Given the seriousness of the topic the book is ironically, a
pleasant read. This is because the author is a poet — and indeed she
shares some relevant poems throughout.

In a world where people are often encouraged to take medication for every
challenge we face, Doris offers another potential cure; words of
empowerment to encourage the reader to take control of his or her own life.

Milton Allimadi, Publisher Blackstarnews

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