Involution and the Solar Sapien


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A new era is upon us and the world as it has been known is about to change.

From the rediscovery of our spiritual past to the beings we are today, this book acts as an informative guide to the awakening of the Solar Sapien.

The future will unveil a new kind of being and a new society that works together towards complete conscious unity. Using the meditation exercises in this text, you the reader can begin your reconnection with the universe, tap into your God-like potential and shape the new cosmos.

This book also serves as an abridgment or follow-up to Legacy of the Black Gods by Paul Simons.


“There was darkness everywhere. I cannot actually recall what I was doing just before this point, only that I was within a presence of absolutely nothing yet everything was intact. It felt as though everything had stood still; pitch black and void, with absolute silence and stillness. It was very powerful. Surges of joy and high energy vibrations would travel throughout my spine. From top down and equally from bottom up, this energy would surge through my body meeting at distinct points then igniting. The ignition would glow all around me within which I felt safe. The event was very powerful, yet I did not comprehend what was happening. I knew, however, that it was alright. I was not afraid of it.

I felt that I was guided and looked after. By whom or what, I had no idea. I just felt safe and sound. There was certainty of a welcoming bystander.

The experience of the event took me to a point of total unity. I was connected to everything around me as though I was indeed a part of everything and everything was part of me. The event showed me, to my understanding at the time, that all will soon be well. The event might have only lasted moments, but it seemed to have played out an entire lifetime of happenings. My notions were that we, the planet as a whole, were going to experience times of hardship, distress, pain and fear and then suddenly there would be a presence of unlimited love, peace and joy. This was how I in-part interpreted the event.”

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