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    • Healthcare Strategic Management in Africa
    • David E. Eboh

    • Subtitle: Principles of Collaborative Leadership
    • ISBN: 978-1-908552-62-4
    • Pages: 310 (colour)
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    Book Description:

    Healthcare development in Africa and the associated quality delivery of health services across the continent should be based on robust strategic management models. In addition to the above, inter-agency collaborations and inter-professional partnerships require proactive support, promotion and management. This book rightly and appropriately distinguished corporate strategic leadership and management from clinical leadership and managing clinical directorates and committees. The aim is to retain focus of attention on the patients /customers. Healthcare is one of the key public services that require significant investment of public fund. As a result, healthcare institutions need the skills, knowledge, experience and competence of the people that are primarily trained and qualified in the field of business leadership and corporate strategic management who can think 'outside the box' about ways to maximise clinical productivity, economic profitability, income sustainability, organisational growth and services expansion/contraction. The ideological paradigm of holistic management and leadership of healthcare at the national, regional and local levels is expressly articulated. The other interesting aspects of the book includes the issues of interprofessional rivalries, health inequality, the moral and professional implications of health tourism which has seen huge export of money and healthcare market out of Africa to other countries. All health ministries, through its related agencies to the services delivery institutions across the community and hospital settings require suitable experts to lead the diverse talented workforce. The management experts are more capable in managing organisational change and manoeuvring through the maze of conflicting priorities, complex resources and the logistics of corporate demands. The book provides knowledge and empowers all stakeholders to take responsibilities for ensuring sustainable funding and avoidance of wastage of public finances through active systems control, effective guidelines and standard setting using new models that conceptualises the African context.
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