Essay Contest for Children of African Descent (2009)


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Book Description:

“Children of African descent have few avenues for giving their point of view on contemporary issues. Over the last four years, the Essay Contest for Children of African Descent has encouraged and supported children from eight to 16 to write on some of the challenging issues affecting them.

This book highlights over fifty essays in English and French by contestants from across the African diaspora and in Africa. They discuss respect for their elders, parental love, the importance of studying science and technology, and why Kenya’s artifacts should be returned. They also look at the implications of Barack Obama being elected to the presidency of the USA, the African states person they most admire, Ghana as the new economic ‘powerhouse’, and the African proverb ‘Until the lion learns to write, tales of hunting will always glorify the hunter’.

Read these essays from Burkina Faso (written in French and translated into English), Ghana, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Uganda and the United Kingdom. You’ll find some lively points of view and compelling ideas about the world.”

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