Escaping the Traps of Evil Fundation


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Introduction to deliverance…

Deliverance is a subject that is close to the heart of the Triune God. All over the scriptures we are confronted with cases of oppression, depression, and possession as the works of darkness that God is determined to destroy in the lives of His people through deliverance. Curse entered the world through the sin of disobedience committed by Adam and Eve. It was a curse with multiple effects on man’s fruitfulness, productivity, provision, life‐span, and relationship. This in effect constitutes only a distraction as far as the purpose of God for man is concerned. Therefore God made adequate provision through His promises for the deliverance of man. God the Father emphasized deliverance because it makes holiness a possibility. God in giving this promise was looking at enhancing total victory for the total man which is only possible with deliverance. Deliverance in this context is being restored to dominion. A man that is restored to dominion has the ability to possess all that has been ordained for him to have. The Lord wants the house of Jacob, by the covenant, the Church, to become a fire that will consume the house of Esau, by extension the enemy of the church, until they are no more and not in any position to hinder the progress that is ordained. The House of Jacob and the Church have the same enemy that had ceased power because of the curse and has dispatched into the world demon forces equipped with ammunitions to prevent the emancipation of the total man as it is envisaged in heart of God. Since the foundation of man was defective by virtue of disobedience, there was a foundational curse placed upon man, his land and his works; and unless there is deliverance dominion cannot be restored.

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