Embracing My Path


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Book Description:

Life’s complex and diverse university of activities has a way of leading us into possibilities of growth and development, brilliantly disguised as impossible challenges and what may seem like unsolvable situations. ‘Embracing My Path’, is for this reason a vehicle of reflection; it is designed to give us a chance to look over our life’s history from an observational point of perspective. The reader is presented with relative real-life situations and probabilities, in such ways that prompts and nudges the soul into working toward resolving any previously unresolved issues. As a work book, or tool, be rest assured that you will constantly be engaging in step by step instructions and activities. The objective, after working through your challenges of the past and present, is to enter the Divine World, where anything becomes Possible. ‘Embracing My Path’ is therefore challenging; it is confronting, and it truly presents unique and unparalleled paradigms – ways in which embracing your true purpose in life becomes more and more a reality.

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