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    From our earliest childhood memories of inquisitiveness, we have always been on a constant quest to know, to experience and understand the things around us. This was yours and mine most entertaining feature; asking questions and so on. Before the superimposition of spirituality, religion and later social-complexity you and I were governed by our own inner drive and conscience. As a moral virtue, the conversation of conscience has been of great debate among religious and legal persons, over hundreds of years, from the early ecclesiastic priests of the medieval churches up to the modern day Lords of the High Courts of England. This book 'ConScience' is about searching the deepest parts of the psyche. ConScience is the inner most-sacred part of you and I that knows our every motive, thought and pre-action before we even proceed to carry out those thoughts. It is that inner voice that questions everything you and I are about to do, whether it be good or bad. So, do take the time to participate in this most sacred journey of soul realization... read more inside...
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