Caribbean Living Memories


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Welcome to my book, Caribbean Living Memories. I do hope you enjoy reading it as it is packed full of adventure, giving clear insight into my life while living in the Caribbean during the 40’s and early 50’s. As you read through its pages you will acquire tremendous knowledge of Antigua; that beautiful island and indeed paradise in the sun. You will also gain a fuller and deeper understanding of the Caribbean as a whole, a place of beautiful sunshine, white sandy beaches, crystal clear Caribbean seas, palm trees, fun, laughter and creativity. You will learn of our hardships and struggles, disappointments and at times danger at the hand of Mother Nature.

Climb aboard to experience a journey of real life in Antigua when it was a British Colony. You will learn about our indigenous technology and arts and crafts skills which provided food, clothing, shelter and entertainment. You will learn of Royal visitations, famous historic characters such as Lord Nelson and his connection with this island, you will learn how we created our own musical instruments such as the steel band; the main feature at carnival time. You will also learn how Christianity the main religion of Antigua at the time and indeed politics shaped this country. You may ask, what was it like for children growing up on the island during those years and how did the islanders overcome unexpected natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes? Well, the answers are here, so please do read on.

Many thanks to you the reader for buying this book. Be captivated, and be inspired.

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