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    A Mother's Fight for Truth, Rights and Justice.

    This diary exposes the beginning of the never ending downward spiral which is the corrupt system that was deliberately put in place for the black boy child, from before I myself was born, and now I am in my forties. It proves how separation can emerge between the boy and the parent only to leave the boy psychologically damaged, (once we as parents are unaware of what is happening to our sons within the so called 'education system') with us parents thinking that we have a problem child. The sole aim of this CONSPIRACY, is for us as parents to not understand our sons, and then reject them, and consequently give up on them from the age of innocence, (which is what I almost did with my son Dominic) so that not only will our families end up in a state of disrepair, but also our sons will have nothing to move on to in life but the system, as all sorts of negativity will have already manifested in the boy's life from both sides such as: rejection, anger, low self-esteem, and the list can even go on, but to sum it all up: DEGRADATION TO THE EXTREME! Black boys aren't failing in schools; they are BEING FAILED! So it's the 'educational system' that is wrong and the 'educational system' knows that. I am sure that every other black man who is probably in prison, or on the downward spiral of the mental health system, or hard done, has an experience to tell/share. Let me tell you this. To be able to hold up a black man-child in the midst of all kinds of racial grievances, and against all odds, ought to be the pride and joy of black women. As we brought them into this world, so we ought to fight for, and represent them.

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