Book Keeping and Accounting


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BOOK KEEPING and ACCOUNTING Simplified is designed to maximise the student’s understanding of the basic principles of book keeping and financial accounting. It’s simple, straight forward, step by step approach is ideal for helping students to maximise their chances of exam success. The text satisfies the requirements for most book keeping/ accounting courses at levels 1, 2, 3 particularly, OCR, City and Guilds, IAB, AS and A level Accounting, A AT Level 2 Basic accounting 1, 2 and level 3 Accounts preparation 1, 2. It is also a very good complementary text for students in higher education.

Key features include:
• Objectives set out at the beginning of each chapter and summaries at the end
• Carefully explained concepts that students sometimes find difficult to grasp
• Contents flow in a logical way with bite sized information which students can easily follow.
• Worked examples provided as illustrations
• Activities at the end of each chapter with answers provided

There is a Lecturer’s Supplement that goes with the textbook. This contains questions and answers for additional activities, multiple choice questions, exam style activities and also answers to some text activities.

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