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    • And Along Came A Lion
    • Davis J. Williams

    • Subtitle: Your Personal Guide to Clarity in a Chaotic World
    • ISBN: 978-1-908552-70-9
    • Pages: 360
    • 12.99 GBP

    Some of the Benefits of reading this book: • Learn to demonstrate greater self-awareness, confidence and a heightened sense of identity; • If you want to get a general idea of the feelings of people who are oppressed, disenfranchised (excluded) and disrespected about their current political and economic position, read this book; • If you are always questioning things such as authority, always curious and need answers; this book will definitely touch upon some of the topics that are causing you sleepless nights; • If you want to know what is healthy to eat and what to avoid eating, this book will point you in the right direction. Health is Wealth; • and more… Cover blurb: You entered this world with no identity or ego. You were simply a bundle of joy, seeking comfort, food and knowledge. As a child you paid close attention to detail and everything was a source of wonder. You played, learned, amazed everyone in your path and you were fearless. You thought you were a superhero! Then things changed. You were exposed to society, bombarded with dominant stories, strange views and perspectives, none of which were of your own making. You did not ask for these opinions. In many cases, you rejected them but quite often these bulletproof ideas were forced down your throat through the art of repetition. Eventually you became fearful and weak. You took no interest in anything other than what the system told you to show interest in. Big Brother loves it when you are obedient, unchallenging and ignorant to what is happening around you, in you and because of you. Your ignorance and fear makes him wealthy, stronger, and helps him further enslave you and the unlimited power you possess.
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