Alphabet with Fruit and Veg



Alphabet with Fruit and Veg – what a treat for readers young and old! This
tasty A to Z teaches you all about fruit and vegetables from around the
world and the importance of healthy eating. With its vibrant illustrations
and engaging captions, Alyssa A B has created a wonderful book that should
definitely be one of your 5 a day.
Vici Dooley, Primary School Teacher
A joy to read. Alphabet with fruit and veg is a necessary book for the
young because it instills the significance of a healthy diet, whilst
teaching you about the alphabet.
The illustrations are bold and colourful and will definitely capture
Sasha Allimadi, Proud Sister
This is sure to become a favourite. Young children will be introduced to an
amazing variety of fruit and vegetables in an imaginative and appealing
manner. Mealtime battles will become a thing of the past.
Suzanne Adeyemo, Teacher
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