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About Agile Development In Practice
The development of complex systems is fraught with difficulty. Many
organizations have taken the vocabulary and outward form of agile practice,
but without sponsoring the deep change that agile adoption genuinely
requires. The benefits they hope for escape them…and their projects
continue to fail. All too often, nothing really changes at all.
This book tells you what agile practice is really about, and how to achieve
it. The essential components of an agile way of working are laid out
chapter by chapter. The book concludes with a concise treatment of the
agile transformation problem, and shows how to leverage agile patterns and
practices in order to resolve it.
About the Author
Ian Mitchell’s experience in iterative and incremental delivery began with
a PhD on object-oriented rapid prototyping in 1997. He then worked as a
developer for several years where he witnessed the failure of many
initiatives that were allegedly implementing Scrum. He realized that his
true vocation was to help teams and organizations to better understand
agile practice. Dr. Mitchell has a particular focus on evidence-based
enterprise transformation and is the curator of a related site, A Scrum advocate and accredited Professional Scrum
Trainer, he is a veteran member of the forums.
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