A Love Out Of Bounds


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Danielle Brand was born in 1978 in West London and went on to technical college after leaving school. At the age of 24 she graduated from Britain’s top fashion school, Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design, with a BA Honours in Fashion Print. Players and the unconventional Woman is her first book and is closely based on her life and the lessons she has learned from it.

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A Love Out Of Bounds is a short novel about a woman who becomes sexually entwined with a man who changes her attitude to life forever. Linda is a strong, independent businesswoman who has a daughter whom she lives for. She is not afraid to love, but is happy to be single. Having a man in her life would be great, but only if he matches her criteria. Linda fears this perfect man exists only in her head – until she meets Mr Brown, a tall, dark, handsome businessman who runs a popular nightclub. He too is very ambitious and hardworking, who also feels passionately about everything, especially his twins. He clearly finds Linda as attractive as she does him. She feels special and validated with him, a friend and business associate whom she trusts. Mr Brown shows her the kind of lifestyle that is previously unknown to her. But there is only one problem. He has a partner, and so is out of bounds. Based on their strong connection, Linda becomes addicted to their sexual relationship. Having been taken on roller-coaster ride full of emotions, her weakness regarding Mr Brown soon leaves her in an agonising state of mind. What Linda doesn’t realise is that she’s about to face a traumatic ordeal where she will be left to make a heart breaking decision. But the question is, will she find the strength to walk away?

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