A Guide to Turning Your Prayers into Lethal Weapons


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I would first and foremost like to dedicate this book to God for His continuous inspiration and the working of His will to prepare this book for the uplifting of believers and to touch, move, and inspire the winning of souls.

It is my desire to make God known as essentially, perpetually, superlatively and infinitely good. I believe that God’s goodness is unquestionable. I call on all Christians to oppose vehemently the negative impression created by the devil who bars people, as was done in the life of Adam and Eve, from enjoying the fullness of God’s divine provisions.

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Dr. Festus F. Josiah is the Senior Pastor and founder of Royal Seeds Prayer Chamber, a ministry that is empowering Princes and Princesses to take the God – ordained throne of their respective endeavours. Dr. Josiah and his wife Christiana are long-standing students of prayer in the school of the Holy Spirit.”

This book is a guide to effectively combine holy profitable devotional life with prophetic praying and as such become a formidable opposition to the devil, the arch enemy and his agents. It is believed that this book will enhance the growth of a devotee and ability to “pray without ceasing” and to pray always “with all prayers and supplication in the spirit and watching with all perseverance and supplication for all saints “(1 Thessalonians 5: vs. 17; Ephesians 6: vs. 18).

The Author advocates that Christians should hold the javelin of prayer in one hand and Gideon’s lamp within the pitcher in the other, so as to see clearly and be ready to smite the enemy that wants to prevent their entrance into the abundance of God’s love, which could become a day to day reality.

Prayer as a Rod that Swallows other Rods

(Excerpt from Introduction…)
The gracious Lord had opened my eyes and put me or allowed me to go through many experiences in life that had made me to believe that prayer is like the rod that swallowed the rod of all the magicians of Egypt. In search for the almighty God, I went into one of the prominent syncretic churches of Africa, but I could not find him there. Instead, I found religion and deep occult practices. Problem with places like that is that there are always men like Pharaoh who will not let you go when you think it is time to move on and seek for God and Salvation in a more conducive environment. My gratitude is to God who gave me an understanding that I was in a wrong environment and called me to come out from among them. As I attempted to come out, I triggered a reaction of spiritual violence against my very existence from the taskmasters of the syncretic church that made the confrontation with Pharaoh to fade into insignificance right before my eyes. However, I have more to be grateful to God for, because it was the beginning of a life of training in the School of prayer under the direct instruction of the Holy Spirit…

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